Perfect panel mounting. Every time.

  • No visible fixings

  • Eliminates panel damage - install panels during final building stages

  • Variety of mounting options - self tapping, glue and screw fix

  • Allows for panel flex and expansion

  • Provides cavities for services and enhanced acoustics 

  • Shorter downtime for clients during refit


Standard profile range of female and male clips, suitable for most panel mounting applications. Ideal for removable ceiling and wall panels, all clips are interchangeable. This hidden fixing system offers self-tapping  and surface mount options for versatile panel mounting on a variety of surfaces. 

Low Profile Range of female and male clips suitable for panel applications that require less depth compared to the Standard Range. The Low Profile Range offers both self-tapping and surface mount options for mounting removable wall panels, bed heads, thin walled and curved panels onto substrates such as MDF, drywall and foam core.

Very Low Profile Range of female and male clips designed for surface or recessed mounting with the least space between panel and substrate. The Very Low Profile Range is perfect for mounting removable thin wall panels and facings, requiring less depth than other Fastmount ranges. This hidden fixing system may be screw or glue fixed, with no special tools required for installation.

Metal Range of female and male clips designed specifically for demanding, heavy duty applications requiring fire rating and heavy load bearing. Patent Pending. The Metal Range is designed to withstand high temperatures while providing acoustic and vibration isolation. The hidden fixing system is available in a 5kg or 10kg pull out load, ideal for fire rated panels.

PanelSafe restraint systems provide added security and control to panel removal. With the use of the PanelSafe, a panel can be suspended below the ceiling for convenient servicing behind the panel or controlled removal of the panel. Suitable for use with the PC, LP, VL and MC clip ranges. Ideal for inspection panels, large and/or heavy ceiling panels.

Textile Range designed for use with textiles and soft furnishings, to ensure fast, precise cushion fixing and rapid removal. The Textile Range makes cushions simple to install, remove and replace with its unique locking system that ensures secure fastening and rapid removal. Specifically designed for mounting soft textiles to hard surfaces, the system is ideal for sun loungers, interior and exterior cushions, seat bases and backs.